Lukewarm char with black salsify – a recipe by Martin Fauster

This is one of the new winter recipes on the HealthFood cooking app developed by the TZM for cancer patients. These recipes have been compiled by star chef Martin Fauster, chef de cuisine at gourmet restaurant Königshof in Munich. He has also enhanced the app by providing helpful videos and additional cooking tips.


Black salsify was first cultivated in the 17th century and was introduced to Germany from Spain. It is described as the “wintertime asparagus” particularly as it is similar in appearance once peeled. There are many ways to prepare this vegetable. In this recipe you will find three variations.

Ei_rotThis dish is rich in protein.


Ingredients for 4 persons:
600 g     char fillet, without skin
Olive oil, salt

To make the black salsify purée:Saibling_Zutatem
300 g     black salsify, peeled
200 ml   milk
100 ml   water
50 g       butter

To make the fried black salsify:
200 g     black salsify, peeled
Rapeseed oil, salt, orange zest

To make the black salsify crisps:
1 piece of black salsify, peeled
Maize oil, salt


Tip: It is also possible to reduce the quantities and cook this recipe for fewer people.


Tip from Martin Fauster:
Due to the low temperature and the foil, the char remains very succulent and also cooks gently.


Preparation (c. 90 minutes):

First, peel all black salsify and place in milk until needed so that it retains its white colour.

To make the purée – chop 300 grams of the peeled black salsify into pieces and cook until soft in the water-milk mixture (200 ml milk, 100 ml water) with some salt (c. 15 minutes).

Whilst the black salsify is cooking, salt the char and place on an oiled baking tray, in a casserole dish or on a plate, cover with foil and then cook for c. 15 minutes at 70 °C in a preheated oven.

Chop 200 grams of the peeled black salsify, which is to be fried, into approximately 5 mm-thick slices. Heat the rapeseed oil in a pan and then fry the black salsify slices in the oil on a medium heat until golden brown. Season to taste with salt and orange zest. Place on kitchen roll.

To make the crisps, use a vegetable peeler to slice the remaining black salsify into thin strips. Heat the maize oil in a pan to 160°C and then fry the black salsify strips in the oil until crispy. This only takes c. 20 seconds. Afterwards, place the strips on kitchen roll and sprinkle with some salt.


To continue with the purée – after cooking drain the black salsify in a sieve and collect the water. Purée the black salsify finely in a mixer. Gradually add some of the water collected when draining the black salsify until the desired consistency is achieved. Season to taste with salt and brown butter.



Present the char and black salsify accompaniments nicely on the plates.

Bon appetit!




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