Chicory (endive) with blood oranges – a recipe by Martin Fauster


This is one of the new winter recipes on the HealthFood cooking app developed by the TZM for cancer patients. These recipes have been compiled by star chef Martin Fauster, chef de cuisine at gourmet restaurant Königshof in Munich. He has also enhanced the app by providing helpful videos and additional cooking tips.


Chicory is available all year round from local farms, however winter is the peak season for this vegetable. It can be used in a variety of ways – as a vegetable but also in salads. Like radicchio and endives, it belongs to the “cichorium” salad group which is distinguished by its content of bitter compounds. New varieties contain fewer bitter compounds as many consumers prefer this.


4 heads of chicory
2 blood oranges (alternatively pink grapefruit)
Icing sugar



  • It is also possible to reduce the quantities and cook this recipe for fewer people.
  • Please note that grapefruit contains substances which can affect the metabolism, and therefore the effect, of many drugs. Use blood oranges in this recipe if you take drugs.


Tip from Martin Fauster:

  • In order to prevent the chicory from tasting bitter I recommend placing it in lukewarm water.
  • I like to grate fresh pistachios over this dish just before serving.


Preparation (c. 20 minutes):

CChicoreegemuese_Bild1_komprarefully peel the blood oranges with a knife and cut out the fillets between the segments (see “filleting an orange” video). Squeeze the remaining blood orange and put the juice to one side.


Chicoreegemuese_Bild2_komprHalve the chicory heads and cut the thick stem out. Pull the leaves apart and wash them. In order to reduce the bitter taste you can leave to soak for approximately half an hour in lukewarm water. Then dry in a salad spinner (alternatively use kitchen roll to pat dry).


Chicoreegemuese_Bild3_komprFor best results use a high-rimmed pan (sauté pan) to caramelise the icing sugar. Sprinkle the icing sugar evenly and thinly over the base of the pan and heat. Then melt the butter in the pan and briefly sauté the dried chicory leaves. Mr Fauster shows how to do this in detail in the “caramelise chicory” video.


Chicoreegemuese_Bild4_komprSeason the chicory with salt and ground cardamon. Deglaze with the juice of the blood orange and sauté.

Finally, add the fillets of blood orange so that they stay as intact as possible. You may additionally mix in some cold butter to bind the vegetable.



Bon appetit!




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