Breaded shiitake mushrooms with chive sauce

A very quick and easy recipe by Hans Haas. It is linked to our last blog entry “the world of mushrooms”.

Shiitake mushrooms, like white mushrooms and oyster mushrooms, are cultivated and therefore available throughout the year. They do not grow naturally in Europe but originally come from Japan and China where they have been cultivated for many years and are used for cooking as well as medicinal purposes.


Ingredients for 4 portions:
500 g shiitake mushrooms
Freshly ground white pepper
Lemon juice
50 g flour for the breadcrumb coating
1-2 eggs
100 g breadcrumbs
Maize germ oil (or alternatively rapeseed oil)
2 handfuls of mixed salad and herb leaves


Chive sauce:
100 ml sour cream
100 ml yoghurt
Salt, cayenne pepper
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 bunch of chives, chopped very finely


Tip: It is also possible to reduce the quantities and cook this recipe for two people.


Preparation (c.20 minutes):

Step 1
Chop off the mushroom stalks and wipe the mushrooms with a cloth. Season with salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice.


Step 2
First cover the mushrooms in flour, then coat them with well-beaten egg (e.g. beaten with a fork) and finally turn them over in breadcrumbs. Apply the breadcrumb coating using gentle pressure and allow any crumbs that have not stuck to the mushrooms to fall away.


Step 3
Fry the mushrooms in a pan at around 175 °C in plenty of hot oil until golden brown and then place on kitchen roll to remove excess oil


Step 4
Mix the sour cream with the yoghurt and season the mixture with salt, cayenne pepper and lemon juice. Just before serving stir in the chopped chives.


Step 5
Serve the chive sauce on warmed plates, place the breaded mushrooms on top of the sauce and garnish with salad and herb leaves.

Bon appetit!


About Hans Haas

Hans Haas has been awarded a variety of honours and prizes for his culinary skills. He is one of the best chefs in Europe and has successfully run the "birthplace of German nouvelle cuisine" - restaurant Tantris in Munich since 1991.

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