Bild_2Best purchased directly from the field but also from the supermarket, there is an abundance of locally-grown strawberries in June and July. It’s the perfect time therefore for fresh and ripe fruits from the region which are distinguished by their full flavour and high quantity of nutrients.

The health-promoting constituents include, in particular, antioxidants such as vitamin C and various polyphenols. Strawberries also contain more vitamin c than many other types of fruit including lemons! Eight medium-sized strawberries (100 g) provide you with more than half of the daily requirement. Polyphenols belong to the group of secondary plant substances. They have protective effects with regard to cardiovascular diseases and cancers, and also have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. They can bind carcinogens as well as protect cells and genetic material from damage. In strawberries, anthocyanins form the largest proportion at approximately 40% and give them their lovely red colour. Strawberries also contain many more constituents such as folic acid, vitamin k, potassium and zinc even if only in smaller quantities.

Scientific data does not yet provide specific evidence on the positive effect of strawberries for cancer patients. However, that eating fruit can presumably reduce the risk of developing tumours of the mouth, throat, oesophagus, stomach and lungs.

Don’t forget: strawberries are a delicate fruit! In order to enjoy the flavour at its best, strawberries should be ripe with a short stalk and eaten shortly after they have been picked. If you don’t want to eat the strawberries straight away, they can be stored in a cool place for one or two days or frozen. Make sure that you remove any strawberries with signs of mould. To have as few residues and pollutants on the strawberries as possible it is a good idea to buy strawberries from a strawberry field which is not located too close to a busy road, and organic products are preferable.

Strawberries are easy to digest and taste best when fresh. They consist of approximately 90% water, contain hardly any fat and are low in energy. For this reason they are ideal as a dessert or snack between meals. Summer refreshment: a quick and easy strawberry milkshake made from milk and strawberries. If, as a result of cancer or over the course of a therapy, you are struggling with weight loss, energy-rich combinations are recommended such as strawberries with ice cream and with cream as well.


About Veronika Flöter

Veronika Flöter studied Nutritional Science at Technische Universität München. She is in charge of the Nutrition and Cancer Consultation Service at the Munich Tumour Centre ...

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