Beef slices with summer vegetables and chanterelle mushrooms

A dish to give you strength – tastes extremely good and is rich in protein and vitamins.


Ingredients for 2 persons:
300 g beef (beef filet tips are always very tender; sirloin or minute steaks are also good alternatives)
1 small red onion (c. 80 g)
100 g carrotsRindergeschnetzeltes mit Pfifferlingen (2)_kompr.
100 g sugar snap peas
100 g courgette
100 g red pepper
100 g fresh chanterelle mushrooms
150 ml cream
2 tbsp chopped parsley
200 g fresh tagliarini pasta (alternatively c. 80 g dried pasta)
3 tbsp olive oil
Salt, pepper


Tip: The beef can be cooked according to preference and taste – from rare to well-cooked.


Preparation (c. 45 mins):

Wash and clean the vegetables and cut into c. 3 to 4 cm long and ½ cm thick strips. Dice the red onion into small 3 mm x 3 mm cubes. The chanterelles are best when washed briefly (no longer than 2 or three minutes) in water with a little flour (c. 2 tbsp). The flour binds with the dirt. Then quickly rinse the chanterelles with water, check for any remaining dirt and use a small knife to remove it.

Cut the beef into strips which are ½ cm thick and 4 cm long.

Place the tagliarini in salted boiling water and bring to the boil. Fresh pasta usually takes about 3 to 4 minutes to cook. Quickly rinse in cold water and keep warm.

Fry the vegetables as follows: Add 1 tbsp of olive oil to the pan and first sauté the pepper and carrots, add salt. After 2 minutes add the sugar snap peas and courgette and stew for 2 to 3 minutes with the lid on. The vegetables should still be a little crunchy. Add up to 2 tbsp of water as required.

Rindergeschnetzeltes mit Pfifferlingen (15)_kompr.


Sear the chanterelles in a large pan in 1 tbsp of olive oil, remove and set aside. Then add 1 tbsp of olive oil to this pan and quickly sear the beef on a high heat. Turn the heat down and then fry for a further c. 3 minutes (the time depends on how well-cooked the meat should be). Now add salt, pepper, the chanterelles and red onion to the pan, stir in the cream after a short time and cook briefly. Finally add the 2 tbsp of chopped parsley.

To serve: Twist the pasta on a meat fork and place these nests of pasta onto the plate, create a bed of vegetables next to the pasta and place the meat strips on top with the sauce.



Enjoy trying out this dish. Bon appetit!



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