Star chefs as ambassadors for healthy nutrition: launch event of TZM’s “Michelin-star chefs against colorectal cancer” campaign in Heilbronn.

On 24.07.2017, the kitchen of the Dualen Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Heilbronn was in full swing. About 25 students on the study programme Business Administration-Food Management were chopping up onions and beetroot, removing the bones from char or mixing self-made mayonnaise. The centre of the hubbub was South Tyrolean star chef Anna Matscher. In her pleasant and calm manner she coordinated the chaos and directed the students step by step.


The background to this event is the “Michelin-star chefs against colorectal cancer” campaign of the Munich Tumour Centre, the aim of which is show how easily cancer prevention can be integrated into the diet. An objective of the event was to place a particular focus was on colorectal cancer. Up to 50 per cent of the risk of contracting colorectal cancer could be prevented by changing one’s lifestyle and including more sport and healthy eating. This was explained at the press conference which took place before the event. The number of cancer patients is rising constantly and every third tumour which is diagnosed relates to the bowel. Therefore this campaign was a necessary and promising step in prevention work, the event organisers emphasised.


The earlier the prevention starts, the better. Students or trainees are particularly suitable as the target group for such a campaign. There is a fundamental change in the life of the young people when they commence their studies or basic training. Stress, lack of time and professional responsibility push interest in healthy eating into the background. Bad habits such as too little exercise and too much fast food are established during this time and can only be changed later with difficulty. Prof. Dr. Volkmar Nüssler, Executive Coordinator of the Munich Tumour Centre, explained the campaign which is being carried out with the association Food & Health e.V.  as follows: “We want to help the young people not to lose the desire to cook and eat and also inform them about the risks of bad nutrition and an unhealthy way of life so that the risk of cancer can be reduced now”. He said that the recipes were ideal for this target group, for they could all be prepared in a maximum of 30 minutes and were not an excessive burden on the wallet or purse.


Professor Nüssler said that working together with star chefs had a logical context, ensuing from a consciousness for healthy and high-quality food. This is fostered by cooking at a high level. For this reason Stephan Paulke, Chairman of the Board of Basic AG, also declared at once that he was willing to support the action with the organically grown food from his product range. In addition, the event was accompanied by the two nutritional scientists Marie-Luise Többens of SLK-Kliniken and Nina Maria Weber of Tumorzentrum München (Munich Tumour Centre), who were available for discussions with participants and to answer all questions relating to the topic of cancer and the constituents of the individual dishes.

The success of the event motivated participants to take further steps. In addition to the follow-up events in Munich and the surrounding area a further Michelin-star chef event for cancer patients is also planned in cooperation with the SLK-Kliniken , again in the beautiful location of Heilbronn. We are looking forward to this already!


More detailed information about the activities in the campaign “Michelin-star chefs against colorectal cancer” and how to register can be found here:

P.S. – A really fantastic report about the campaign including a nice video can be found on the website of Dualen Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Heilbronn.

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