BR feature: ‘Schmidt Max and winter vegetables’

In today’s blog we would like to draw your attention to a programme that was aired on 28th of January: ‘Schmidt Max und das Wintergemüse’ (BR television Sunday, 28.01.2018, 18:45h).


Max Schmidt’s programme is the first programmes about leisure activities to have existed on German TV. Since 1991 the programme has shown alternative sides to leisure: “Bavarian, profound, informative” (see the BR homepage). Sunday’s episode will feature winter vegetables – ideal for this time of year. They taste good, are affordable and yet people know very little about them. There is a whole world of winter vegetables beyond Brussel sprouts and lamb’s lettuce.


And Max Schmidt has looked into them in detail: In the muddy field right next to Mogli Billesberger’s organic farm in Moosinning he went on the search for winter vegetables. Otto Geisel, one of the experts on good nutrition in this country and co-founder of the Food & Health e.V. association accompanied him. Geisel considers winter vegetables to be the “last bastion of original taste”, as they have – due to low demand – not yet been discovered and distorted by the food industry. Together with Max Schmidt he cooks a menu of “cichorium” plants and bitter salads which are completely unheard of, even though they grow in German fields.


Another feature of the programme: Prof. Dr. Volkmar Nüssler of the Munich Tumour Centre, author of “Stark gegen Krebs” (Strong against cancer) and another co-founder of the above-mentioned association, loves healthy, good-quality food. He explains why ‘Tonda di Chaggio’ beets, ‘Forellenschluss’ lettuce, puntarella and radicchio are so good for us.



Find out more about the programme here, watch the trailer here or the whole programme here. You may also be interested in our blog post about wild cabbage. Look forward to reading our next blog posts: puntarella, radicchio and beetroot.




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