Munich Tumour Centre’s new book “Stark gegen Krebs”

This week Munich Tumour Centre was once again able to benefit from the support of Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian broadcasting service). On Thursday, Prof. Dr. Volkmar Nüssler, Executive Coordinator of the Munich Tumour Centre, was invited to present his new book “Stark gegen Krebs – wie Sie mit der richtigen Ernährung vorbeugen, die Heilung unterstützen und neue Kraft schöpfen” (Strong against cancer – how correct nutrition can prevent cancer, support recovery and help you regain strength) on the ‘Abendschau’: “The book is written for cancer patients but also for anyone interested in this topic. It is intended to motivate and encourage people to optimise their individual lifestyles. The core topic of nutrition is explored on the basis of the latest scientific research”.

Expertise is combined with innovative top-class gastronomy in the book – recipes from Michelin star chefs created on the basis of the latest findings from cancer research turn prevention and the fight against cancer into a culinary experience.

As both an author and scientist Professor Nüssler focuses on two main themes. Firstly, motivating people to start cooking again – a crucial foundation of healthy nutrition – and secondly, promoting awareness of dealing with food responsibly. This second theme particularly addresses ethical questions i.e. animal welfare and organic cultivation of fruit, vegetables and grains.

The aim is for cooking to be pleasurable – enjoyed in the company of family and friends. The desired spin-off of this is to promote healthier lifestyle habits and an improved understanding of where our food comes from. The large range of simple to complex recipes from dedicated star chefs makes this possible! The book also provides valuable, customisable expert tips for every day use on exercise and relaxation.

The idea for the book was conceived in connection with the “Michelin star chefs against cancer” campaign. This campaign focuses on explaining about nutrition to trainees and new entrants to the labour market. Practical examples are used to demonstrate how easy it is to cook healthy and delicious meals for yourself. Embarking on daily working life is often accompanied by a change in an individual’s life situation, and the strain involved can cause stress. At the same time, there are fewer periods of relaxation and recovery. Workers eat more quickly and consume less healthy foods, and exercise is often limited to the office and the journey home. Companies, institutions and universities can take action at an early stage by supporting new labour market entrants, trainees and students to stay healthy.

Within the scope of the campaign, Munich Tumour Centre is organising cooking events with Michelin star chefs at university canteens as well as those of organisations offering training. The chef prepares the ingredients with the young participants and then shows them how to make the dish. A nutritionist explains the health benefits of the ingredients used.

Just last week we reported on the second campaign drive, which this time took place at the ‘Wichtel Akademie’ in Munich. With top class support from our patron Prince Luitpold of Bavaria and Michelin star chef Anna Matscher, the employees were able to prepare a healthy and tasty 3-course meal using regional and seasonal products. Bayerischer Rundfunk was also there and presented the event on its ‘Abendschau’.


Stark gegen Krebs” – expertise combined with innovative top-class gastronomy. How can cooking be simple, delicious and healthy? Find out for yourself!

You can also find more fantastic recipe ideas from our star chefs – including many practical tips and clear photos and videos – in our “HealthFood” recipe app.


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