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We’re back in the kitchen with those pots and pans as the “Michelin star chefs against cancer” campaign enters the second round. This time the cooking event is taking place at the Wichtel Akademie in Munich. This nursery and kindergarten provider is predestined for our mission of making young people aware of healthy nutrition. The campaign is being supported by our patron Prince Luitpold of Bavaria who believes a return to enjoyment, diversity and use of fresh ingredients when cooking is an incredibly important issue: “Food is losing its value and respect in our society. This is reflected in factory farming methods and cheap ready-made products. The health-related consequences of this are clear”, the Prince points out as the event begins.

This is reason enough to start working with young entrants on the job market and to demonstrate to them how easy it is to cook food yourself. The young employees of the Wichtel Akademie were extremely eager to learn. “We have responsibility for the children we look after”, said an employee. “We can only pass on principles about healthy living if we live by these ourselves. And the best scenario is if, via the children, we also get the message through to their parents”.

 Just like our event in Heilbronn, we were also supported at the event by Michelin star chef Anna Matscher. Together with the employees of the Wichtel Akademie, she chopped pumpkin, roasted plums and seasoned tomatoes. She impressively demonstrated – by making tomato burgers, pumpkin risotto and poppy seed tartlet – how rich and extensive the seasonal range of natural products is in Germany. “For me it is important to use ingredients which are currently in season. When these are also sourced from organic markets or from the farmers, it is even better”, says the star chef.



And the employees of the Wichtel Akademie also recognise another advantage of this form of nutrition: the price. The argument that students or trainees cannot afford organic meat does not stand if the meat is acquired from the regional hunting association in Germany, for example, or directly from the farm. From such sources the price is often just a fraction of that in supermarkets and then it is also transparent as to exactly where the meat has come from. Fruit and vegetables are also often cheaper if they are purchased from the immediate vicinity – ideally direct from (organic) farm shops.

In the following podium discussion Dr. Manuel Zalles-Reiber, Head of Marketing at BASIC AG, and supporter of the campaign, again addressed the issue of our responsibility in the production of food products: “We manipulate the genetic material of our seeds, spray pesticides over fruit and vegetables and administer antibiotics to our animals. This is making us sick”. This was a good starting point for the lively discussion which Prof. Dr. Nüssler, Executive Coordinator of Munich Tumour Centre and initiator of the campaign as well as Patrick Smague, Managing Director of theWichtel Akademie and Dr. Cornelia Klug from our university partner DHBW Heilbronn took part in along with the employees. And because theory is always more convincing when supported by practice, afterwards the participants were able to enjoy the food they had cooked and experience for themselves the extent to which healthy nutrition can contribute to well-being.



The ultimate conclusion can be taken from Hippocrates, as paraphrased by chef of the century Eckart Witzigmann: “The path to health is achieved in the kitchen not the pharmacy”.


You can also watch the feature on the ‘Abendschau’ of BR( Bavarian broadcasting service) “Sterneköche gegen Krebs” (Michelin star chefs against cancer). More news and tips on the topic of nutrition and cancer can be found here.


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